Off to the beautiful island of Taiwan

Well I will soon be departing for Taiwan for the Taipei international Bike Show for my fourth consecutive year. This year I am lucky to be accompanied by my wife Erin. I typically do not look forward to the show, because it is very boring, rather to taking in the culture that Taiwan has to offer. This is a shot from my Hotel window during last years show. Last year was uncommonly cold and dreary for Taiwan. It is typically hot and humid.

The bike show is in the city of Taipei, which is one of Taiwan’s largest and busiest cities. There are some very cool sights to take in, such as the Taipei 101 building, which is currently the tallest building in the world.

I have yet to go up to the observatory deck but there is a large mall in the base and the convention center is just across the street. Maybe this year Erin and I can take a trip to the top floor!
I am hoping that she does not get bored, but between the night markets, sight seeing, and spa treatments (I am sure this will happen whether I want it to or not), I think she will have a good time.
Until next time when I am sure I will have some pictures from the current trip, I will leave you all with a picture of a little friend that visited me on top of the factory.


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