Our new baby!

About 6 weeks ago Erin came home from work with a surprise. Keep in mind she has been begging me for years to get a dog. I have always resisted because I assumed that after the fun of having a puppy wore off for her I would become a single parent to said puppy. Well the surprise she brought home was a super cute little Beagle pup that was about three weeks old. I immediately fell in love with his little mug. I caved. I told Erin that if she could take the primary care giver roll with him then I would be OK with keeping him. She thought about it for a couple of days and about a week later this little guy made his way into our home.

I was given the privilege of naming the little guy. I named him Grifter for a couple of reasons. Of course the main reason being Grifter is one of my favorite comic book characters from the awesome book Wildcats. The other reason being the second I saw him he stole my heart.

Grifter has a really interesting story behind him. He is a Katrina flood victim dog. Well actually he was not born until he arrived in California, but his mother Abbey was rescued by a friend of a friend. Grif was the last to be adopted and we are lucky because as it turns out he is the cutest.

Well Grifter is growing and we have no clue how big he is going to be, but I know he is going to be a loyal friend and a part of my family for a long time to come.


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