Bikes, Cars, Friends, and more 101

So Erin has been touring the 101 mall for the past two days. She probably knows the stores and their locations by heart now. On her travels she has been taking pictures of things she finds interesting in the city. First off is this DHL delivery vehicle.

We do not have quite the scooter traffic that they have here in Taipei. I would say that scooters out number cars 2 to 1. I do not think we will ever see DHL scooters anytime in the states.
Erin has been gratious enough to meet me for lunch and after the show for dinner. I appreciate this more than you can imagine. The past two days another good friend, Craig, has been joining us for dinner as well. On the way to dinner tonight we were able to get a cool shot of the 101 with friends.

Unfortunately I did not want to use the flash and the picture quality is not the best.
After dinner we decided to head back to the hotel. Once outside we were ready to hail a cab and noiticed this sweet ride.

Not only was this thing sweet the owner was nice enough to invite us to take pictures and sit in his car.

I know that there has been a request by Cari to see some bikes. Maybe this sweet ride will wet your palette until I get some more photos from the convention. I ran across this beauty on my way from hall 3 to hall 1. There is no denying that this is one sweet ride.

Well until tomorrow I will leave you with one more cool picture of the 101. I know you are all probably sick of this building by now, but everytime I see it I am still in awe. Please also forgive the storytelling and text I am feeling a little bit tipsy from two many tall Boddingtons at dinner tonight.


3 thoughts on “Bikes, Cars, Friends, and more 101

  1. Could you (if you have time) take some pics of teh Spinner booth? Especially the Cargo, Ammo and Aeris. Tell Lance I said hello too…Also, let me know what time Sunday I need to pick you guys up from the airport.

  2. Erin:I really enjoy the pictures theyare so cool. When are you coming home? Its been quiet without youthere, thanks for keeping me updated on your trip.

  3. I said hello to Lance, but the show is over today and I am already gone, so unfortunatley I cannot get any photos of the Spinner stuff. Right now we are still scheduled to land at 6:20PM on Sunday. I will e-mail or call if anything changes.

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