Beep Beep!

Hi all, this is Erin chiming in with a brief post regarding life in Taiwan. For all those that have ever uttered the words, “you are the worlds worst driver” have never been to Taipei, Taiwan. I know we all must be acquainted with someone; a friend, a family member, a co-worker etc that MUST have received their drivers license via gumball machine or as a cereal box prize, right? Well that ain’t nuthin! Driving in Taiwan is crazy, period! My posture in a Taiwan taxi is as follows: slouched down in the back seat somewhere in the middle as to not be too close to the door, head down as far as possible so I cannot see the road or anything else on it, one hand bracing the seat for dear life, the other griping David’s upper thigh as if I had eagle talons and face wincing with every beep of the horn. Most rides I would swear that it was impossible to slide a piece of 20 weight paper between the taxi and the next car or scooter. Strangely enough there are no accidents or none that I had witnessed or seen remnants of. As crazy as the driving is, it is almost artistic, like a ballet of heavy machinery. A quick tap of the horn means I an coming over weather you like it or not. No dirty looks, no foul language and no middle fingers, it is all very strange. Due to a bit of taxi anxiety the last few days I have been acquainting myself with the metro that is stationed right down the block. It’s like bart, the subway or the “tube”, it’s about a forth of the cost of a taxi and the only drawback is unlike the taxi where the driver has to worry about getting you to the right place, on the metro you have to worry about getting you to the right place. All in all it’s been great. Just remember before attacking your husband, father, daughter, mother etc about being a bad driver- you just have no idea!


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