My babies

I just wanted to post some new pictures of Grifter (since he is turning into a giant!) because the last pictures were when he was still very small, cute, and cuddly. Now he is a big clumsy clod, but I love him. He just cracks me up, he will want to play so bad when we are in the kitchen that he literally falls all over himself. Of course some of that has to do with the floor and the fact that he has zero traction.
Lately he has been getting more aquainted with the back yard. Of course I am still very paranoid that he will rip up my yard so I tend to keep a close eye on him. The other day while it stoppped raining for a few minutes he went out to play. He is just too cute when he is out there chasing his ball, his tail, butterflies, whatever moves.

Erin got him this new blue ball because he loves one of the balls at the dog park that is roughly the same size. Only I guess because this ball is not from the dog park he is a little leary of it. He is getting better, today he was biting it and trying to pick it up.

Grifter will also be starting his obedience classes next Friday. He will hopefully learn all of the basic commands. I am sure he will have no problem as I have already been able to teach him to get in his crate when it is nap or sleep time and to not get up on the baby gates.

My other baby, Ian, has been having a rough go of it lately. I noticed a couple of weeks ago that he was not eating and starting to hide in the Garage. For any animal lover they will know that this is not a good sign. Typically means they are sick and do not want to bother you. After taking him to the Vet we were given some bad news. Not only did they find out that he has a Gallop heart rythym (Heart Disease) but also Kidney disease and possibly a tumor in his salivary gland. This was heartbreaking for me because I just lost one of my other babies not too long ago to Acute Lukemia.
After installing a drain tube in his neck for the salivary gland and being on meds for the last two weeks we got a bit of good news today. His heart has slowed down, the salivary gland is not full of goo, and he has put on a pund. All good signs that the medicine is working and hopefully the gland was not tumorous. He will go back in two weeks to get checked again but I am just sure that he is going to be OK.


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