Bzzzzzz Bzzzzzz, Sting

So Erin and I planned on taking Grifter to the beach this past Sunday. What a great idea. Get Grifter used to different sounds, areas, and longer than normal rides in the car. Everything was ready to go. Erin prepared a lunch for all of us and we were ready to get in the car. Where is Grifter? I look out the back screen door and see this mutant.

I freaked out but Erin would not even look at him. It appeared at first as though he had something stuck in his mouth. To me I would say he looked like he was trying to commit seppuku with a frisbee. Sorry reference to a sweet Ninja website . After Erin calmed down a bit she got the neighbor who luckily is a animal lover and dog owner. One look and she knew it was a rection to a bee sting. After a short trip to the vet and two shots, the mutant vanished and Grifter was back.

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