What Superhero am I?

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I do not know if I agree with this answer. Edit – I made a mistake and mixed up the Flash with The Daredevil. This is so unlike me, being a comic book fan, I feel like a retard!

You are The Flash

The Flash
Green Lantern
Iron Man
Wonder Woman
Fast, athletic and flirtatious.

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3 thoughts on “What Superhero am I?

  1. I think you are getting confused with Dare Devil, as he also wore a red costume. He was blind and was created by Marvel Comics. The Flash was created by DC Comics and he isn’t blind as far as I know. He was a member of The Justice League who had other members such as Wonderwoman, Batman, Hawkgirl, Superman, The Green Lattern and Martian Manhunter. He’s a pretty cool hero, as he can run very fast, so it’s hard to keep up with him, so I wouldn’t feel too bad. He’s a cool dude. Either way Dare Devil may be blind, but he can certainly kick ass when he has to against the bad guys, so whichever one you want to be there both cool in my book. All the best with the blog.

  2. Thank you for pointing my mistake out! I feel like a tool. I think I would actually rather be the Daredevil. It would be cool to tell people that I am from “Hells Kitchen”.

  3. Dooquie your been too hard on yourself. It was an easy mistake to make, after all the costumes are similar. I personally have always thought that Iceman when drawn in comics looked very similar to the Silver Surfer. The only difference is the powers and how they travel, but I used to get them mixed up all the time. Maybe their related in some way. That would make an unusal twist. I am sure every comic reader would agree that there are now that many Superheroes and Superheroines around its hard to keep up with all of them to know everything about each and every one of them, no matter how much you read comics or can take in details.I tried the Superhero test on your blog. I’ve tried it before as its fun and sometimes the questions are different, but on both times I got Spiderman. Quite funny as I have a fear of Spiders and hate heights. Still on the positive side he is a cool character and theirs the lovely Mary Jane ofcourse and he did have a liason going on with the black cat. If you’d like to be Daredevil, then just think what a date would be like with his girlfriend Elektra. She can kick some butt. She would protect you if you were in trouble. Anyway enough said. Keep enjoying those comics.

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