Please do not get the wrong impression from the title to this post. I am a dork to the utmost(is that a word?) degree. I collect toys, comics, play video games, and love computers and electronics. I am also over 30 years old. So yes I too am a dork. But the title comes from the hoards of dorks I recently encountered at this years E3. For those who are not in the know, E3 is the Electronics Entertainment Expo. It is where all of the video game industry introduces any new product. Whether it be hardware or software. This year was a doozy. Two new pieces of hardware from two of the big players, Nintendo and Sony.
I was fortunate enough to get into the show with the help of my brother in law Jon (Thanks again bro!). I flew down to Los Angeles and met up with one of my best friends Dusty. I arrived before him and headed straight for the Sony booth. I had to see for myself what the supposed most powerful gaming computer was all about. It looked great but unfortunatley I cannot say much for the performance at this point. It was not much better compared to my X360.

Unfortunately I was not able to see the new Nintendo offering. There was a line that wrapped completely around the Nintendo booth that was a four hour wait. I was only at E3 for a day, so waiting for four hours was out of the question. This sucked because the Wii was the system I was most interested in seeing.
Aside from the two new machines I can honestly say I was not that impressed. I really did not know what to expect but was fortunate before leaving for the show to see a lot of the behind the scenes Microsoft stuff through Xbox live.
What was left to look at? Cool booths. This one for instance was showcasing the new game for the Pixar movie “Cars”. The second I saw these cars I wanted my 3 year old nephew Jake to be with me as he is greatly anticipating this movie (Also I cannot wait to see the movie with him!).

At the entrance to what I believe was the south hall there was this car that was put together by 5 Axis. Anyone familiar with the show “Rides” on the Learning Chanel will know who they are. This car was crazy. It was a real driveable car but it doubled as a gaming ride as well. It had two x360s mutliple monitors and a removeable steering wheel that you replace with a gaming wheel to play driving games. Crazy!

The only other cool picture I have from the show is from the Activision booth. They are making the game for the upcoming “Transformer” movie and they had a very large statue of “Optimus Prime”. Pretty cool.

I am very glad that I was fortunate enough to attend E3 this year but I think one time was enough for me.


3 thoughts on “Dorktoberfest!

  1. I think that it is coming out Summer of 2007. Should be pretty cool, Steven Speilburg and Michael Bay are shooting it. Can’t wait to go see Cars!

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