Long Overdue posts! Marine World Africa USA

So I have not been keeping up with my posting of recent events. I do apologize. I am going to attempt to make up some time today with some new posts. This first post is from over a month ago now. The whole family (Mom, Dad, Brother, Sisters, Nephews, and of course wife!) all decided to visit Marine World. It is so close to us and we rarely visit. Only about a 20 minute drive. More than likely the reason we do not visit is my social anxiety (I really do not like being around hoards of strangers) and the fact that my attention span has shortened vastly leaving me with the inability to wait in lines. The last time Erin and I visited the park I did not ride one ride and napped through multiple shows (Because I am becoming an old man).

Happy Boys

Anyways we picked an ideal day to go. It had rained the day before and there was a chance of rain the day we went so the crowd was kept at bay from fear of getting wet. Big plus for us, short lines! We first hit the kiddy area for the boys. First ride miniature teacup ride. The boys really liked this ride.

Fun Fun Fun!

Next came the swings, train, submarine ride, plane ride, and on and on. They had a blast.


Mom having fun on the kiddy coaster

Getting ready for takeoff

Mom and Tweetie

After visiting the kiddy rides and riding some adult rides we decided to check out some of the shows and exhibits. The butterfly exhibit is just crazy. I have been there so many times, but each time I go I am always in awe. Butterflies are cool but when you look a little closer you have to realize they are just really ugly bugs with really pretty wings.

Jake looks about ten years old in this picture

After the butterfly exhibit we decided to check out the dolphin show. What better time to take a nap?

What a loser

One of the new areas in the park is a another kiddy land. Erin originally thought it was called Thomas Land, like Thomas the Tank Engine, but it was something else. Forgive my fading memory. They had some cool things there like a huge jungle gym climbing area, themed jungle rides, and a water fountain you could run through. The boys rode a couple of the rides but were not tall enough for all of them.


Jake loves monster trucks!

Kaleb was a little groggy by this point of the day

The jungle gym

As the end of our day neared there was still time for Beth and Cari to attempt the ladder crawl game. After pushing their way past a couple of young punks who were trying to cut in front of them they both gave it their best. Here are the results.

Beth’s attempt

Cari’s attempt

Erin and Cari trying their hardest to make one another throw up.

What a day! It was too much fun watching the boys. I will definitely be looking forward to going again.

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