I suck

I suck because I lag at updating. OK I am over that.

Here are some photos from our two camping trips to Bear River this year.

The first trip had Erin, Myself, Rich and his daughter Vida, Margie, Mark and his sisters, and some other people I really don’t know, at the campsite. It was fun Rich and I got to shoot the rapids and we had a lot of fun hanging out with Vida. Everyone keep your eyes open for this little girl, if she does not show up on the silver screen I will be amazed. She has an amazingly advanced sense of humor and she is sharp as a whip!

Grifter and I enjoying a little lunch in the Coleman.

The ham Vida. She loves marshmallows!

Night shots of the Marshmallow roasting craziness.

Notice the sweet roasting sticks. All found by yours truly.

On the second trip to Bear River we were joined by Kenny, Cari, and Jake. This time it was a much smaller group only a handful of people I didn’t know. Again there was more shooting of the rapids and lots of fun with Jake. Unfortunately Vida’s grandma was in town from Texas so she was not there. Hopefully next year she and Jake will be able to hang out. I have a felling they would get along great.

Floating down the Bear River, Kenny, Jake, and Myself.

I am pretty sure that Jake liked shooting the rapids.

That guy needs a beer!

This is not something you want to see in an outhouse at night while you are trying to drop the kids off.

I just want to thank Rich for everything that he has done or given to us over these two past trips. He is a very generous person who always puts others before himself. You really made both trips fun and I am looking forward to many more camping adventures in the future.

I am really beginning to think that Grifter does not know where “His” bed is.


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