Back on the bike (Sort of)

So two weekends ago I decided to actually go on a mountain bike ride with my brother and sister in law. When the time came to leave I did not want to go. I hate riding uphill. It has to be one of the worst things in the world. I also suck hard at riding uphill and am usually holding people up, which is a crappy feeling. So I ended up going. I had a great time. I was riding my Spooky Metalhead, which is a hardtail, and I still had a blast!
We rode Skyline park here in Napa and just did a quick ride up to the lake and then down Buckeye. I would have had pictures but I unfortunately brought my camera but forgot the memory card. Doh!
We had so much fun we decided to ride last weekend. Kenny and Cari got Jake a sitter and we were off to Rockville in Greenvalley. The last time I rode there was about three years ago. I can’t believe how much of the park is gone. It is very depressing. I used to ride here all the time when I was younger with my friends and a lot of the trails we used to ride on are now someone’s backyard. It is a shame.

Kenny and Cari at the beginning of the ride (Sorry Cari both pictures I have of you you aren’t looking or your eyes are closed!)

Good vantage point of Green Valley and Cordelia.

We rode for quite some time, even going as far as calling my parents (who were watching Jake) to see if they would not mind us being late. There are still some extremely fun trails at Rockville. One of my favorites has not changed much and is still a blast to ride.

Kenny shredding the single track.

Cari dominating Rockville.

A fun little rock drop in.

Same picture as above different angle (Thanks for the picture Cari!)

Hopefully my new found enthusiasm remains as I have had a ton of fun on the last two rides. The last two rides also have reminded how much more fun it is to ride with friends and family and how very important they are to me.

Where to next?


One thought on “Back on the bike (Sort of)

  1. Thanks for posting a picture of me ON my bike! I say we keep this momentum up and ride again next weekend. Rockville definately rules. Peace out riding buddies, yo, yeah, hecka-cool. Word.

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