I went to Vegas and all I got were these two pictures

So I just returned from Las Vegas from the 2006 Interbike Expo and convention. This is I believe my 12th year if memory serves me correct. The last five years I have been attending for the company that I work for, Sunrace Sturmey Archer. I have to say that I am over Las Vegas. The stale, dry, cigarette smoke, and air conditioned air sucks. I think the only thing I look forward too is spending time with my friends.

Tony letting me know that I am number one

I have been really lucky for the past three years as one of my best friends Rich has been able to help me out. I want to thank him a ton as I know it is very hard for him to be away from home and his family. I was also lucky enough to have another long time friend Damon there to help as well. Again many thanks Damon I know you wanted to be home with Sebastian and to be away for a week I am sure was very hard. Not too many people have friends that sacrifice their family lives and their real jobs just to stand around for nine hours on crappy concrete flooring. It takes a lot out of you and I appreciate everything guys.

Rich showing the monkey butt which is typically accompanied by the monkey dance and Aki just taking it all in.

One of the only things that we had time to do was race some really fun go-karts. Rich and I have done this a couple of years now but it was Damon’s first time. The carts this year seemed a bit more haggard. Steering on quite a few if the carts was really off and a couple had crappy tires. Some were much faster than others but did not handle at all. Last year there were a couple of standout cars. One was really fast but did not handle that great. The other handled really well but was not fast. I liked the car that handled better. You could always catch the other guys in the turns. This year Rich had crappy luck as two cars he used crapped out on him. We raced three rounds and even though the cars were not quite up to par it was still a blast.

Woohoo fastest lap of the day!

Next Interbike for me is going to be very different. I may not be attending the show but maybe just going for the on dirt demo. This is where dealers go to try out your product.
I just wanted to thank everyone who helped out: Rich, Damon, Aki, and even Tony.
Without any of your help I would still be packing the booth up right now! Aki thanks for the lunch and Tony thanks for hanging out and keeping us company on the last day.


2 thoughts on “I went to Vegas and all I got were these two pictures

  1. Hey do those pants make my ass look big?? Thanks for the Props! I love going to Vegas with Dave and kicking around the dirt-bags!

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