Didney Land Didney Land

Woo hoo I love me some Disneyland. The atmosphere, the food, and the rides. I just cannot get enough. Erin and I have been going almost once a year since we have been together, which is a lot of years. This year we were lucky enough to have my brother, Cari, and Jake along for the trip. Jake just turned 4 years old and this was his first trip.
First the plane ride down. We flew out of Sacramento and when we arrived we noticed the at least 10 mile long line to get through the security check (At least that is what it looked like through my teeny tiny negative little eyes). It was a long line, I proclaimed immediately we are going to miss our flight. I was wrong, we waited about a half an hour and we were in. It helped that we had our A boarding passes as well. At this point it was hard to gauge Jake’s excitement. Being that he had never been to Disneyland I think he did not know exactly what to expect.

Peek a boo I am sitting behind you.

Once we landed a little more frustration waiting for the shuttle to take us to the rental car area. To save some time while we waited for our checked bags, Erin went to go get the car. We got our bags and were off not long after Erin left so I called and we decided to meet her. While waiting for the Shuttle Kenny tells Jake that we are waiting for a Space Shuttle, so when we ended just waiting for Erin to bring the car by I think Jake was a little disappointed he did not get to ride a Space Shuttle.
To the hotel and a good nights rest before the fun begins. 7 am I am up and ready to go. Surprisingly we are all up and out of the hotel by 7:30 am. We are in the park a little after 8 am. I am ready for chicken stix but they do not open until 10 am, so I have to settle on regular breakfast. Off to the rides.


First ride of the day, “Pirates”. Not a good choice. A bit dark and too many skeletons for Jake’s liking. Second ride of the day, Rockets. Better.

Ready for Blast off.

Third ride, “Space Mountain”. Bad choice, so far off to a bad start. Again a bit too dark and very loud. Although I am super impressed Jake did not cry he just let us know he did not want to ride that ride again! Fourth and Fifth rides were winners. “Buzz Lightyears Astro Blasters” and “Star Tours”.

Buzz prepping us for the mission ahead.

Pew Pew Pew.

Duh Duh Duh Da Ta Duh Ta Ta Duh (My attempt at Lord Vaders theme song).

Across the Swiss Family Robinson Treehouse (Which is now the Tarzan treehouse, Lame)

You can dooo eet.

Trying to show his son up.

Look how cute she is!

After six or seven rides and a lot of walking around Jake was feeling a bit tired. We had made our way over to the “California Adventure” side and decided to check out “A Bug’s Life” show. Another bad idea. Darkness, huge spiders dropping from the ceiling, and a huge locust that wants to eat your face off are bad ideas for a 4 year old with a vivid imagination.
Second day and we were met by one of my good friends Dusty. Dusty has made many a trip with us to Disneyland and understands the power of the chicken stix. First thing in the morning we made our way to Tom Sawyers Island. Erin hates the island. She says it is just a place for little kids to go pee in the caves. I had a feeling Jake was going to love the Island because you can go through caves, climb rocks, and do some sweet explorin.

The boat ride to Pee Island.

The Bowl and Kenny.

West Siyyeeeddddeee!

Jake and I in the treehouse on Pee Island.

The rest of the day it was all about the fast pass as Saturday is a lot busier than Friday. We would grab a fast pass for one ride then go wait in line for another. It usually worked out that we would finish one ride and be ready for the fast pass ride.

What is it?

For once I did not take the brunt of the wetness, thank you Cari.

Maliboomer, woo I can smell my Keen’s from here.

California Screamin, to see the sweet Coaster photo head to http://babageik.blogspot.com/

Two real Space Rangers.

Almost Erin but not quite.

Well I think it is safe to say we had a blast. We had good luck all around, easy flight, car rental, hotel, everything went as planned and we made it home safe and sound. Thanks to my family and good friends for making it a very special trip. Till next year!

Last Space Mountain ride of the trip. We lucked out as the ride broke down as our car finished the ride.

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