I’ve been inspired by the nasty comment to finally post something new!

So Erin e-mails me today and tells me that I need to update our blog because someone left a nasty comment on one of the old posts. I check it out and sure enough someone must really want me to make an update. So I guess I will go with the typical new year post. This post I want to focus on everyone that makes me who I am, my family.

This is our Christmas card picture

My favorite picture of my parents. From my wedding in October of 2002.

Erin’s mom and her hubbie Mark at Cole’s Chop house for Erin’s B-day

My sister Beth, Nephew Kaleb, and brother in law Stefan Christmas at Mom’s house.

Nephew Jake, Sister in law Cari, and brother Ken before getting on the Santa train.

Brother and Sister in law Jon and Heather, Nephews Logan, William, and Ronin. This was a few years back at Homewood in Lake Tahoe.

I can’t forgot my brothers from another mother. My best friends who are always there to listen to me complain about my life or for me to vent to.

My man Rich always there to help me out, whether it is with donating his time to help with Interbike or helping me with little things when we go camping. He is always there for me.

Dusty the crazy Kung Fu masta. Dusty is always there to lend me his ear, whether it is to hear me ramble about video games or vent about my personal issues. This picture was taken on a beautiful day on the trails right behind my house.

Well hopefully I will continue to make some posts. I have got my annual Taipei trip coming up and not only is Erin going again but we are dragging our friend Mario along with us. I hope you bring your appetite Mario!

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