It was 70 degrees and we went to the beach

One of these days I will post things when they actually happen, I swear! A couple of weeks ago we were blessed with some sweet spring weather. It was sunny and 70. We decided to head to the beach and bring Grif. The last time we tried taking him to the beach he decided it would be fun to try and eat a bee, that did not turn out so well.
We headed off to Fort Cronkite / Rodeo Beach. One of my all time favorite spots. Back when I lived with my parents I spent at least 3 days a week here surfing. It is also the same beach that I had my closest encounter with death at, so I have a very close bond to it.
It was a great day. We hiked into the headlands and Grifter had a blast. I actually pooped him out from hiking him up some very steep trails. Like retards Erin and I forgot to take the camera. Luckily Erin snapped one photo with her camera phone. We had a great time and I am really looking forward to going back.


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