Prairie City

I have been itching to go riding for months now. On my motocross bike that is. We have had perfect weather for it and I got the call from my friend Dan a couple of days ago. He was planning a last minute trip and wanted to know if I wanted to go. I did not hesitate and told him I was on board. We were going with a couple of other friends that just got new bikes and wanted to try a new location. So we headed off to Carnegie in Livermore.
Once we got there we got a little bad news. Carnegie was closed for race prep for a race that was happening the next day. Dan asked the ranger what the next best place would be and she recommended somewhere that we were not familiar with. So we decided to just head back towards Sacramento and go to Prairie City home of the famous Hangtown outdoor national track.
On the drive up we encountered a bunch of traffic and a snafu with Dan’s navigation (Thanks for the tour of the ghetto Dan!) but after about four hours we arrived and all was good. Got to get out on the bike and rip around to get the bugs out. Jed, Pam, and their son Derek all seemed to have a good time as well. Derek seems to be a natural, that little guy has no fear.
We rode around for a couple of hours and then decided to call it a day. Thanks again Dan and looking forward to riding again.

A fun little road jump that Dan found.

Dan whipping it over the road.

Jed’s first attempt to hit the road jump.

Pam hanging out while her son Derek tears it up behind her.


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