NAHMBS and Santa Cruz Pics

A couple of weeks ago we attended the Handmade Bike show in San Jose. This was my first year going and I wanted to check it out. I have been working in the bike industry now since 1995 (My God almost twelve years!) in one form or another. Whether it was working in a Bike shop, running CNC machines, or learning the true ins and outs of the import side of the industry. I have been there and done that.
I do not know what I was expecting out of the hand built show, but after ten years of Interbike it all starts to run together. Granted the hand built show kills Interbike in my opinion. I would rather see handmade pieces of art any day opposed to what is shown at Interbike. Also because the handmade show is a public show there are more enthusiasts than industry tools.
Rant being aside I had a good time. We went down as a family, Erin, Cari, Jake, and my brother. Got to see one of my old time employers, Chris King, and a lot of nice bikes and spectacular paint jobs. On the ride home we went home via 17 and Highway 1 through Santa Cruz.

A very cool single speed that looked very reminiscent of Gary Fishers first Clunker.

Sweet Motobike.

Bamboo and Carbon, you do not see that combination all that often.

This bike was built by friend and neighbor Curtis Inglis. He was nice enough to incorporate two Sturmey Archer hubs for me on this special bike for his wife.

Jake on the back of a wicked cool extra long bike.

Kenny taking a picture of a nice single speed with really cool lugs.

It was a beautiful day in Santa Cruz unfortunately our photographer (Erin) only snapped three photos. I thought this was the most interesting. Deep fried Twinkie Shack.


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