More Pics..

Today is the last day of the show, David wonderfully enough only has to be there until noon, so Mario & I are hanging out until then and then we plan to hike to some waterfalls and take in some nature. Here are some more pics from days past.

Toilet at the zoo, it’s the squat over type–Ick!

Mario was brave enough to try a drink sample of something handed to him, turned out he like it and bought 2 expensive bottles of it. He thought it was fruit tea, once we got to Sunrace booth David asked one of the employees to read the box, it turned out to be vinegar for health & healing.

We had hoped to see a giant Panda at the zoo but did not. We did find one at the mall though, so I had to ride it!

Tea ceremony at the Botanical Gardens

Mario captures a full scooter. We saw one that had 4 passengers hanging on but were not fast enought with the camera

Mario clicks brightly colored lanterns that dangle from temples, houses & stores celebrating this years lantern festival.


4 thoughts on “More Pics..

  1. Hey guys!Just wanted to let Mario know that I LOVE his photos, especially Erin in a bubble. Looks like you all are having a blast! Be safe, and I can’t wait to see you back home! Lots of Love, Sister B

  2. Thank you for the updates! Ian has been taking his pills like a champ and then we cuddle afterwards. Corny says hi and wants you to know he has plenty of water, thanks to Jake’s careful monitoring of the water dish.See you soon!

  3. Grif report – Tuesday (posting Wed morning)All is well… we had another walkabout yesterday afternoon. He remains a happy boy and just loves investigating the numerous smells of Carneros.The photos are fascinating! Looking forward to the back stories that go along with them. Safe travel home – chris

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