Riding and Snake hunting.

Another late post who would of thunk it. On Easter weekend I went on a ride with my brother up Skyline. I really need to ride more! Actually did a lot bettter than I thought. Made it to the lake with minimal stops. It was a perfect afternoon for a ride, sun was out, and about 65 degrees. Cari and Jake hiked up the trail as well. For what seemed to be a mile Jake ran along side of us as we rode up the trail, he loves to run it seems.
Of course the decent was the best part for me as I hate riding uphill. I have never been good at it and have never cared to get better. I find that I have a good knack for riding downhill through really technical terrain. This is also what I enjoy best. All in all a great day although I really want to put a through axle fork and wheel on my bike now.

Kenny mulling over which trail to take.

They really do not want anyone on the hiker only trail on the right side of Lake Marie.

Yesterday Kenny, Jake, and I drove up Wild Horse Valley road to do a little reptile hunting. It was a good day. Started off by catching two blue belly lizards. Jake even got to learn how to put a lizard to sleep by rubbing his belly. Upon searching through some old bee hive boxes, Kenny lifted a couple of pieces of lumber and found a sweet King Snake. It was a big one as well, at least three feet long and thick. It has been a long time since I have seen such a large King Snake. It was a good day.

Big California King, this guy was at least three feet long. He has been eating well!


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