Yard Work

For the past almost four weeks I have been working my butt off in my yard. My flower boxes all needed to be replanted and we are going to rebuild our shed into a super shed. That entails me tearing down a large row of Privet that is about 15′ to 20′ high.

Picture of backyard before we purchased the house showing the privet behind the shed.

The privet makes a nice barrier but it grows faster than weeds and Grifter is highly allergic to the pollen. Also to make the shed bigger it needed to come down. So I have been cutting away and filling up three yard waste barrels a week for the past three weeks. The stumps are getting ground down as I type this so I should be able to tear the shed down and start the foundation this weekend.
Anyway here are a few pics of some of the things I have been planting.

Asiatic Lillies Erin planted.

More Asiatic Lillies.

African Daisies.


Varietal Tomato given to us by our Neighbor (Thank you Chris!).

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