Super Tourist Day in San Francisco

Last Friday we were invited by Kenny to join him in the City for a little site seeing. Kenny, Jake, Erin, and I all headed into SF on the Baylink ferry that Kenny takes every day to get to work. The ferry is a fun ride and for anyone who has yet to take it I highly recommend it.
First Stop was Kenny’s new office. Very cool place with quite possibly the world’s slowest elevator. We got to see where he spends his work week and to see some very cool building material samples.
Next stop China Town looking for the alley ways from “Big Trouble in Little China”. We found some really cool alleys but I do not know if there were the actual ones from the movie.

Paper lanterns with the Transamerica building in the background.

Tight alleyway check, laundry hanging from fire escape check, Lo Pan where are you?

Egg Shen is that you? Nope just some guy playing happy birthday on some type of Chinese string instrument.

China town reminds me so much of Taiwan. The tight streets and the crazy amount of stores that all sell the exact same items.

Erin hiking up the Mariani(I may have spelled this wrong) Steps.

Great shot of the Bay Bridge hiking down to Pier 41.

Bougainvillea with Bay Bridge backdrop.

Pretty unknown orange flower.

Kenny and Jake almost to Pier 41, I am getting hungry.

Coit Tower, me hungry.

Last stop was Fisherman’s Wharf. I have been here a million times so there was not too much I had not seen before. We had a great time though and perfect weather to boot.

Now where are those tattoos Auntie Erin?

Inside the Rainforest Cafe. Jake’s first words before we sat down, “Are we going to leave now”.

The Rock.

Erin and I goofing around.

Our ride home.


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