The Bowl’s on Vacation

About a week ago my good friend Dusty arrived for a visit. We got to play some golf, fart around SF and Emeryville, and do some hiking.

Golf was fun as always. Dusty and I have the same mentality when it comes to golf. We know we suck but we have fun playing. First round was Vintners for nine holes. Got the cobwebs off the clubs and beat the ball all over the course. Second round we headed to a course we had never played in Petaluma called Rooster Run. My father in law Mark joined us for a late afternoon 18. Not too terrible of a day stroke wise but we had a lot of fun and will definitely go back. Last round was at my favorite course here in Norcal, Mare Island. Supposedly the oldest course west of the Mississippi, it is my Glenn Annie of the North. We had a great day, wind picked up a bit but all in all a good game.

Dusty pointing out the soon to be hole in one on the third at Mare Island.

Dusty mid stroke, approach shot on the fourth at Mare Island.

The day before Dusty headed back to Socal we met up with my Brother Kenny and nephew Jake. We were hunting snakes and lizards. Now Dusty does not like either that much but we had convinced Jake that he likes to pick them up with his mouth and Jake really wanted to see this.

Hiking into Skyline park from the College.

Crazy succulent looking flower I found up in some brush off trail at Skyline.

Blair Witch black and White on the way into Skyline.

To all the acquaintances I used to work with that say Napa is ugly and boring, Um yeah right.

Daisy like wildflower field at just before you enter Skyline.

We had a good time and I am looking forward to Dusty’s next visit.


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