Moving forward with the shed project

So after some time off after demoing the old shed and all of the privet, work has commenced on the new shed. Here are some step by step photos.

Material for floor.

Concrete pad where old shed was. New plans are to reuse old pad and cantilever over sides.

Extremely smart looking animal in front of cantilevered floor system.

Another shot of the floor system. It is going to be very strong.

Sub floor all nailed down.

Almost all of the material for the remainder of the shed, minus a few things.

Bam! Walls.

Interior shot facing west. This is the wall all of our bikes will hang on.

Interior shot facing east. I will be able to get a nice breeze through the window on this side and the west side.

It looks like it will not take a whole lot longer to complete and I am having a blast building it. Could not have got this far without the help of my father in law Mark and my Dad. Thank you!


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