Phase 2 complete

The exterior of the new shed is complete! I tried my best to motivate my self to paint. Even had help from Sister in Law Cari. But I could not do it. I absolutely hate painting. So I had to call up an old friend who is a paint contractor. He was kind enough to give me a killer deal (Thank you so much Rich!) and completed it better than I ever could have done myself.

Thank you Dusty for helping to decorate the exterior.

All that is left on this side is for me to dig a long ass trench for the electrical and build a pad for the hot tub.

Thank you again Rich for getting the paint done in so little time. I owe you!

Phase three has begun already with a new 200 amp electrical service panel being installed on the house. Next will be rough in of electrical in shed and connecting the shed to the service. After that drywall, paint, and floor. Thank you again to everyone that has helped, I could not have done this by myself.


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