Mare Island

Erin had a great idea this weekend, lets go play golf. I have been wanting to play since my birthday when Dusty came down. We tried to get a tee time but every single course I called was booked on that particular weekend. I have never encountered this before. So Friday Erin says lets get up early and head out to the small nine hole course in the middle of the race track in Vallejo. We head down there, roll into the parking lot, and I am stoked. Not too many cars. Should mean that there would not be a problem going off as a twosome.
We check in and pay. There is a group of six ahead of us. They were all together but went off as a twosome and a foursome. We were next up. We get the call over the squawk box and we are paired up. Anybody that has golfed with me knows I do not like being paired up with anyone else. I am not that great of a golfer to start with and throwing strangers into the equation does not help. I told Erin I was not feeling like staying. Being the great person she is, she understood and was even able to get our money back.
I still wanted to play, bad. So we decided to try for Sunday. This time we would try and invite people so this could not happen. We were able to get a hold of my sister and her husband and they said they could get away.
We made a tee time for Mare Island. I have mentioned this before, I love this course. It has a little bit of everything and can be very challenging. The day could not of been more perfect, overcast and about 65 degrees. As for the game, well I do not expect to do well anymore seeing that I never play or practice. So I came to a conclusion a while ago if I were to keep playing it could no longer be about the score or how well I struck the ball. It would have to be about having a good time regardless of how I play. I think I actually have more fun being in the 100s than I had playing in the 80s.
Thanks again Erin for dragging me away from the house and thank you Beth and Stefan for golfing with us. I had a great time.

Stefan finishing up teeing off on the 10th hole and me getting ready to dribble my ball just far enough ahead to lose it.

Erin thought it would be a nice beach day.

One of the spectacular views from the course. This is looking out towards the ferry building on the east side of the course.

Aw, Erin looks so cute in her new outfit.

My feelings on golf and self portaits.


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