Santa Barbara

Last weekend we took a small vacation to Santa Barbara. We needed to get away. My job is driving me nuts and I needed a break. We left early Friday and got to SB around 2:30pm. I wanted to stop in on one of my old jobs and say hello to some friends that I have not seen since our last trip to SB, so we headed there first.

The good ole days of Santa Barbara were some of the best times of my life. Good times and great friends. The atmosphere in SB is just different from anywhere I have been in California.
The plan was to head out and play some golf and take Grif to the beach on Saturday and then do a quick ride on Sunday.
Saturday was as planned. Dusty rolled up and stayed with us in our sweet Extended Stay America suite and long time friend Sean met us with his buddy Erron. We played Glenn Annie my all time favorite course and had a great time. I do not play as often as I used to and tend to shy away from my Driver as a result. But I felt good and busted it out a few times and it was not all that bad. Got a few good drives through the day. On the first hole Erron suggested that we play teams and play for a buck a hole. I have never bet playing golf because I suck. It sounded like fun though so Dusty and I teamed up against Sean and Erron. It worked out very well. Dusty was the saviour on quite a few holes for us as he played conservative for us and I just let loose. We ended up having to pay $10 to Sean and Erron but it was worth it.

Sean preparing to tee off or take his pants off I can’t remember which one it was.

Erron preparing to tee off with goofy balls Callihan warming up.

Dusty and Sean striking a pose.

Erin and Mario took Grif to the beach and he had a great time. It was the first real time he was off leash and from what Erin told me he did great. I am always hesitant because he is my baby and I tend to be overprotective. Grif chased birds, played in the ocean, and ran his behind off.
After golf and the beach we all met up and headed to lunch at one of our old regular spots. Longboards bar and grill out on the wharf. Mmmmmm Mmmmm Mmmmmm maui onion rings with some king of sweet BBQ dipping sauce. Erin and Mario could not resist asking the waitress for one of the toys they give to kids, some kind of biting dolphin toy. Erin preceded to make out with it later in the truck. After some catching up it was time to say goodbye to Sean and his new lady (Congratulations again on the soon to be Baby Girl!).

You’re gross Erin but Mario thought this picture would be funny and told me he would kick my butt if I did not post it.

That night we strolled around State Street and did a whole of nothing. We had fun though reminiscing.

Erin and I in front of Macy’s on State Street (Man what a good looking couple).

We then headed down to Ventura with Mario so he did not have to drive back alone. After some farting around we decided to grab something to eat before we headed back up to SB.

Mmmm Drink.

Close-up of my wonderful TGIFridays salad.

Sunday we got up and it was lightly raining outside so I called off my ride and we headed to breakfast with Dusty. In all it was a short but fun trip. Would liked to have stayed longer but I will take what we can get.

Grifter’s first road trip and what a wonderful job he did. I can’t say it enough I lucked out and have one of the best dogs a person could ask for.

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