Sacramento and Forresthill Loop

Friday night found myself and friend Ben heading up to Sacto to Rich’s house. He had a night of debauchery planned for us. Crack, hookers, Crack, more hookers, but instead we just went to dinner and raced go-carts.
Rich and I have been to RPM in Sac before but this was Ben’s first time. Unfortunately dinner lasted longer than we though and we only had time for one race. We were up against a bunch of Russian teenagers. Around five guys and three girls. It was a packed course. It was fun but the girls were ssslllllooooowwwwwwwww. Ben was able to beat two of them though, way to go!

Lap times from RPM.

We woke up early and met up with another friend for a 12 mile ride on the Forrest Hill loop in Auburn. It was Ben, Jason, Rich, and I. This was my first time on this trail. I had a blast. Perfectly groomed single track, tacky, and fast. The best part is that the trail is very rolling so not a whole lot of huge climbs.

Shot from the beginning of the trail.

Little less than half way and we got caught by a hammerdog lady on a Giant.

Words of wisdom.

Jason, Rich, and Ben waiting for me to catch my breath.

Yummy singletrack.

Mushroom I found on the trailside.

Some sweet red berries. Rich and I ate a bunch of these. After visions of dragons and a mean case of diarrhea I would not recommend eating them though.

I had a great time and just wanted to thank Ben, Jason, and Rich for being patient with me. I do appreciate it guys.

One thought on “Sacramento and Forresthill Loop

  1. We had a sweet time on the ride, and i have a killer time riding with Dave. Not only is it time to get a great work out and rage release, but awsome time to catch up and bullshit with Dave between trail bombs! We need to ride again! Thanks for coming up and seeing the better side of Sac with me, Ben and Jason!CheersRich

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