What I wish I could do to my iMac

I am growing near the end of my rope with Apple. It could be bad luck but there have been so many problems with this computer I just can’t blame it on bad luck.
It could be that I am not familiar with Apple computers or their operating systems but I am not digging around in anything that I should not be. Unless loading photos into iPhoto, using iTunes, using Apple mail, and Safari constitute actions I should be careful with.
PCs are far far far from perfect but…You do not need to download third party applications in order to do a simple task such as uploading photos to popular sites such as Flickr.
I am past the point of no return for getting my money back from Apple but I am going to give this thing another couple of weeks and then on Ebay it goes.
For anyone considering getting an Apple that is not familiar with their computers I do not recommend it unless you have someone who can help. I unfortunately do not know anyone who can help as everyone I know are PC users.

I know it is not a new iMac but you get the picture.

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