Alston Park

Late Sunday afternoon after raking a ton of leaves and picking up many of Grif’s bombs I went on a quick ride with Kenny and Jake out at Alston Park. It was a pretty dreary looking day but I actually rather enjoy weather like this. Not too cold and a little overcast.
I cannot believe how much Jake has progressed on his bike. His handling skills are amazing for his age. It will be no time before he is riding Downieville.

Jake bombing one of the hills towards the backside of Alston.

Jake looking tough.

Kenny and Jake.

As we were riding along I happened upon a big gopher snake. He was just kicking back just off the side of the trail. He was cold so he did not even budge when I stopped to pick him up. He was a fatty and had the prettiest belly I had ever seen on a gopher. It had a lot of orange and red in it.

Kenny holding the fatty gopher.

Jake the snake charmer.

This gopher must be a fighter from the looks of his snout.

Panorama of the valley. Thank you Kenny for teaching me this trick.


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