Erin’s 33rd B-day Party

Erin’s Birthday was Sunday so we had a small get together with Family and friends to celebrate her 33rd. I wish I had more to do with her party than I did, but she pretty much organized the whole thing. I did clean the house but that was about all I had to do with the whole party.

Erin’s special cake, sorry I cannot remember the name. Basically a big pile of cream puffs.

Margie, this is a candid photo 😉

Dad scaring Chris with stories of the Exorcist.

Erin with one of ten pairs of Uggs thanks to Zappos.

Muppet face Erin.

Auntie Erin and Bojakamo.

The Boys were not very interested in Auntie Erin’s party. Luckily Kaleb just happened to have his copy of the Polar Express so I put it on in the office to keep them busy.

Jake and cousin Kaleb kickin it watching the Polar Express.

Kaleb didn’t sit too still during the movie and kept choosing some weird places to watch from.

I want to thank everyone that came to celebrate Erin’s B-day and make it an extra special day for her.


2 thoughts on “Erin’s 33rd B-day Party

  1. Sorry i couldnt make it to your birthday Erin! I am a big fat loser that stayed home because of a dinner date that resluted in me not getting laid! Fuck!!!! I should have come to hang out with you guys! It would have been more fun and cheaper!!!!Rich

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