Squaw Valley

Sunday Rich and I headed up to Tahoe to do some Snow Boarding. I have not been boarding in almost three years so I was very anxious to get up there and make sure I still possessed the ability.
I started the morning off great. I had laid everything out the night before. Wallet, Keys, Camera, iPod FM transmitter (For Rich), Change of Clothes, and of course my Snow Boarding Gear. I thought I had better take out the small stuff first and get the car started and it was about 31 degrees outside and my windows were all iced up. I take out the camera, wallet, keys, phone, and Rich’s Christmas present. Start the car up, go grab the remainder of my gear. Then I thought I had better just double check and make sure I did not forget anything. Everything appeared to be there with the exception of the camera. What? I know I loaded it. Where in the hell could it be? Now anyone that knows me knows that I rarely misplace anything as I was taught growing up by my Father that everything has its place. I also may have a touch of OCD. So after disturbing Erin out of her deep sleep and involving her in my madness for over a half hour she talked me into leaving as I was going to be late. I agree. I hop in the rig start to pull away and notice the black camera bag in the street. I stop and go grab it. It looked untouched, no way I ran it over. Jump back in the truck and start to pull away. Then I thought I had better just make sure I didn’t damage it. Pull it out and confirmed my worst suspicion. I had ran it over. Damn it! It was crushed. I could not believe it. The semi ironic part is that Rich’s Christmas gift just happened to be a camera. So we were still able to snap some photos.

The result. I have to give it to Canon though the exterior of this camera held up well.

So after an hour or so of being pissed at myself we were on our way to Tahoe. Our destination was not clear. Was it going to be Sugar Bowl, Kirkwood, or another resort? We just drove and ended up at Squaw Valley. You could not have asked for a better day. Best friends, Perfect weather, great packed powder, and absolutely no wait in any of the lift lines. We had a blast.
To top the day off we stopped at Fry’s on the way home and yours truly purchased a new camera. Hopefully this one will not make its way under my truck tires!

Great view of the Tahoe area with the lake in the background.

Laying on the slope perspective.

Who me?

You know every time you stop I am going to give you a snow shower!

Is this gondola going to fall?

Shot from the inside of the gondola.

Every picture I am in looks like someone has been punching me in the eyes.

My $12 crappy cheese pannini that had about ten pounds of cheese on it.

Rich and I at the top of Squaw with Lake Tahoe in the background.

Ladies he is single!


2 thoughts on “Squaw Valley

  1. Thanks to David and Erin for the killer camera, i have been taking Adult pictures for my new website crazybitchhunter.com. Too bad your camera had to be sacrificed to the snow gods for a glorious day of boarding. Dave, next time i will be able to board longer when i grow some balls!Rich

  2. so magic… in meeting, in being, in nature….what do you think about? Rich? My name is Daniela…, living in Italy, actually 35. This night at 21 p.m. thoughts brought me to enter in Squaw Valley, and to see your eyes…. I’ve liked them. I thought… someone I would like to know. May be it’s crazy. Who Knows. Whatever would be the effect of this, I do wish you the best. (sorry for the bad english I know). brufarfalla@libero.itskype: brufarfalladani

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