Losing friends

Last week one of my closest friends passed away. He was my cat Ian. He was my heart. I have been heartbroken since having to have made the decision to let him leave us. For the past couple of months he was not doing so well. He suffered a strange seizure a while back and I believe that was the beginning. Since that happened everything started to change. His eatingand potty habbits changed drastically. It became harder and harder to get him to eat. Even trying to persuade him with wet food stopped working.
He was a very important part of my life. From waking me up in the morning by touching my face to cuddling with me every night on the couch. He was always by my side. He was my baby. He loved me like no other. I still cannot get it through my head that he is gone. I still see him cuddled up in his bed with his nose on the heater when I go through the hallway. I see him following me around the house. I hear him before I go to bed asking me for his treats. I am devastated and can’t seem to get past the fact that he is gone.
Ian I love you and I hope you have found Figgy on your passing.


3 thoughts on “Losing friends

  1. David,Sorry for your loss, i know how much he meant to you. Your blog was really sweet and a great tribute to Ian! Please let me know if there is anything i can do to help!!Rich

  2. David and Erin;One of my favorite things to do was come over and check on Ian when you were away. He was the sweetest furry-person. I would sit in the chair, try and figure out your tv, and Ian and I would chat away. His purr was instant, his coat to envy, and his personality so endearing that I actually left once, got my lunch and came back to give him some more attention…and he was in the exact same spot as when I left…like he knew he had me wrapped around his paw. I ache for you both because I know the pain your feeling and have been there with my own baby not to long ago. I believe that Ian and Figgy are new stars in the sky shinning down on us all…the fuzziest ones of course, after all his fur would dictate that at the very least.Sending you love and comfort and a memory…Shelly

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