Rodeo Beach, Battery Townsley, and Discovery Museum

This weekend I found myself on a short trip to Rodeo beach with my brother and nephew. Rodeo beach is one of my favorite places in the Bay Area. I have spent a lot of time here doing many things. Biking, Surfing, Hiking you name it.
We hiked up up the headlands to Battery Townsley. I filled Jake in on my personal history of Rodeo and taught him that he shouldn’t pick poppies. After a quick bite to eat we headed back to the car and to the Discovery museum in Sausalito.

The hike up to Battery Townsley.

The beginning of the hike down, back to the car.

Jake hitchin a ride.

Wildflower 1.

Wildflower 2.

Wildflower 3.

I had never even heard of this particular museum but Kenny had just ridden his bike by it a day prior so he thought it would be fun to check it out. Cool place but I think a bit on the steep side for admission. Some of the more exciting exhibits definitely were in the Wave Room. Some fun things like how different shapes effect water flow and being able to dress up like sea creatures. Outside there were quite a few fun features. A trail around the perimeter of the play area with a very cool tree stump staircase, a crazy maze house that was made out of living Eucalyptus and willow trees, a crows nest, a small scale Golden Gate Bridge, and a fishing boat to name a few. Jake seemed to have a blast.

Jake in a big ass tree.

Aaaaarrrgggghhhhh Maty.

View of the Golden Gate from the Discovery Museum.

Jake and Kenny splashing around in the tidal pool.

After playing around at the Discovery Museum we headed over to a public fishing pier that is right below the Golden Gate. It was a beautiful day with a great view of the City. Jake and some other kids that were on the pier were running from one side of the pier to the other at one point. Come to find out they were following a big seal that was swimming from side to side.

The City.

I have a ton of other pictures I planned on posting but unfortunately Blogger is not agreeing with me. This post has taken me all day just to upload the photos that are here. I will post the remainder of the photos when I get back from Taiwan.

3 thoughts on “Rodeo Beach, Battery Townsley, and Discovery Museum

  1. Looks like a good time! I dont think i have ever been to Rodeo Beach, where is it relative to Baker Beach. Or do i have my names mixed up! Either way i would love to check out the area under the golden gate.Rich

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