Back again. I keep forgetting how much this place stinks, literally. Erin and I touched down yesterday morning and unfortunately I was not able to spend the day with her the way we had done the past two years. This year I had to go to the office and work. Erin got to sleep off her jet lag while I slaved away.
After work I came back to the room and passed out. We both got up around 9pm and headed out to do a little robot hunting but everything was closed. We headed back to the room and back to sleep.
First day of the show in the new convention center went well. Busy, Busy, Busy. Erin shopped a bit during the day and after the show we headed back to the robot shopping haven and I picked up a new buddy for the rest of my collection. Haven’t taken many photos yet but enjoy the few I have snapped so far.



New booth at the show.


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