More Taiwan

Erin and I made another trip out to the large ferris wheel at the Miramar mall. This time we were able to make it out there before it got dark. Unfortunately it was not a very clear day.

Temple on the way to the Miramar. We had a very nice cab driver who pulled over so Erin could get this shot.

On a potty stop inside Erin nabbed another good picture. If you have a small poo you use the Min button if it is a big poo use the Max button.


The ferris wheel just before you get on.

Shot from the ferris wheel level just before boarding.

101 in background.

There was a great sunset, unfortunately because of the distance and haze you can just barely make out the sun in the distance.

The last day of the show I took off early and we planned on taking the MRT to the zoo where a brand new gondola ride was installed six months ago. We got out to the zoo and because it was Sunday there were a million people. The line was insanely long so we decided to just head back towards the 101 for some lunch and a little more shopping.

The gondola that we did not ride because of my social anxiety.

Very cool building on the walkover from the 101 to New York New York shopping center.

So So Happy time!


One thought on “More Taiwan

  1. I totally trust you that the place sucks ass because of the smells and the amount of people, but it looks really cool. I think the thing that i woiuld like about it too is that the people are so small i could see you in a crowd!

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