Gnome Homes

Sunday I took a quick spin out to Alston Park with Kenny and Jake to ride around and do a little reptile hunting. Jake wanted to stop by the Gnome homes but when we got there someone had knocked them all down. So between the three of us we did a little Gnome home extreme makeover. I forgot my camera so I had to use my iPhone.

Jake and his home bottom left with my Gnome high rise behind him.

My Gnome Skyscraper.

6 thoughts on “Gnome Homes

  1. I don’t remember the Gnome Homes?? Its wierd i sometimes wonder if you really are the guy that i have known for 20+ years? Who’s friggen blog is this?Rich

  2. Yeah, gnome homes! Did you notice the one on Foothill Dr. in front of the bright green house? I need to take Jake over there for a visit.

  3. Now you got me curious. I am heading over to this magical green house on Foothill to make sure it is not an invasive species of Gnomes.

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