Eagle Vines

This past weekend Dusty came up for a visit. I planned a little bit of everything for this trip. Dork time (Cruising around SF looking for Robots), Golf, and Erin’s home cooking.

We could never miss a trip to the Hana when Dusty is here. Chris also joined us for a fun evening.

We played Eagle Vines on Friday. For some reason I remember the greens fees being cheaper. It is a nice course but definitely not worth the money compared to Mare Island or Rancho Solano. Dusty, Mark, and I set out to tear the course up. Unfortunately Mark is the only one out of the three of us to do any “Course tearing”. I actually am pretty sure I had the worst game that I have ever had score wise. It was still fun though as I gave up a long time ago on the score. Afterwards we all headed to Taylor’s and met up with Erin, Margie, Cari, and of course Jake.

Mark putting it where it is supposed to go.

OK where did it go?

Magic time!

I lost a ball over on another fairway and grabbed this shot with the clubhouse in the distance.

Shot of the signature par 3 in the background courtesy of Dusty’s new camera.

Jake and I giving the typical Taiwan happy time V for the camera. Thanks again for the pics Dusty.

Saturday Dusty and I headed into SF and to a new store I found on Geary on the Golden Gate Park side. Awesome place, lots of deals. Then over to Japan town with the final stop at the Galleria on Market street and some super yummy Godiva chocolates. I cannot remember the exact name but the Dark chocolate orange ganache was my favorite.
Sunday we headed over to Erin’s moms house for home cooked breakfast and the clean out of our old tent trailer. We were very fortunate and sold it for our full asking price. Dusty was as usual a great sport and not only helped clean out the old trailer but helped me completely wash the exterior of the new trailer. We could not let him get away without putting him to work at least one day!

2 thoughts on “Eagle Vines

  1. I can’t believe you sold the camper!? You two loved that whole bugs, outdoors, in the river thing that I thought the camper would be around permanently! UGH, well done I say, if you want to camp pick a nice hotel in near the woods! 🙂

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