In Bloom

This weekend a whole lot of nothing went on. Saturday we headed to OSH along with the rest of Napa for buy one get one free on bags of bark. Then met up with Margie and Trina at Van Winden’s to do a little verdure shopping. They are replanting basically their entire front yard and I needed to replace some things that did not weather last years frost. Picked up some great purple lantana and some awesome melon colored African daisies. Did not get too far with actually getting things in the ground. A combination of a hot weekend and laziness added up to nothing getting accomplished. I did take some photos of a few things that have just bloomed. Enjoy!

Cool succulent that my Mom gave me for my birthday last year.

Playing with the color enhance function on my camera.

Again messing with my camera, this is wonderful smelling pink jasmine.

I hate these bugs, they are all over my yard this year.

African daisy.

Meyer lemon blooms. My Meyer produces all year round. The last two years have been bumper crops.

Doghead, doghead

What a regal looking dog.


2 thoughts on “In Bloom

  1. Love the pictures of Grifter! He is such a sweet dog! Also, I wanted to tell you the pictures you take when you are out and about are truly amazing! The picture of the daisy is my favorite! You have an artist’s eye!Shelly

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