Skyline hike to Lake Marie

Sunday Jake hit a great milestone. He hiked all the way to Lake Marie and back without having to be carried. That is quite a hike and he did a great job. There were a couple of spots on the way down that were touch and go but he pulled it off. Along the way we had some pretty good finds. Lots of blue bellies, a scorpion, a big ass moth, caterpillars, quite a few varieties of wildflowers, and a big rattle snake.

Big Moth Kenny found sitting in the brush.

Jake’s quick hands caught this adolescent little blue belly.

Flip of a rock and bam, big ass scorpion.

Jake almost to the lake.

Jake and Kenny first set of ruins along Lake Marie road.

Jake and a whole lot of Turkey Tails.

Very cool wildflower. Shot from underneath looking into the sun.

Another view of the same type of wildflower. Sorry for the so so picture still not used to the new camera.

Sunflower on the hike up.

Another pretty wildflower. Many more on my Flickr.

Big rattle snake.


3 thoughts on “Skyline hike to Lake Marie

  1. If you were a good uncle you would have let the snake bite you so you could show Jake what happens when a snake bites you and the proper method of removing the venom. You suck!!! Also i would have made the snake bite your butt and have your brother suck the venom out (bonus uncle points). Once again you suck!Rich

  2. I was thinking about that but I would have preferred if you were there. I would of let it bite me somewhere else and then let you do me the favor of removing the venom! YOU SUCK!

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