You can actually tell there is a baby in there!

Thursday Erin and I had to drive over to Oakland for a Baby scan and to get the results to some blood work that Erin had done a week ago. They were screening for Down Syndrome and another disease I have never heard of. Everything went very well and the baby and Erin are both healthy! You can make out the shape of the baby now. I am so excited and cannot wait to be a father!

Looking good!

While they were scanning the baby was jumping around like a jumping bean.


5 thoughts on “You can actually tell there is a baby in there!

  1. I think Erin was impregnated with an Aliens Seed!!! The head looks like the pictures of an aliens head! Please warn Erin that this baby could try to rip out of her belly, reinforce that sucker with Duct Tape!!Rich

  2. That is totally incredible to see. I am very happy for the both of you-you’re going to make great parents and it will be cool to have another cousin for Jake.

  3. Grandma said… I’m with Daddy David, I am so excited I can hardly wait to meet and hold my little grandbaby, we are going to have so much fun! To quote my friend Jill, “I’m over the moon!”

  4. I wish I was there!!!!! I am so excited for you both! I check your blog weekly for baby updates so I can make sure the little alien is swimming along!love to you both and Grifter too!Shel

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