Anchor Bay

Friday we headed off to Anchor Bay for our first camping trip in our new trailer. We were fortunate to also have Erin’s Dad Lloyd join us for what turned out to be a very fun weekend. Just before we left Napa was going through a heat wave. I installed our window air conditioners and Erin and I hibernated in our bedroom on Thursday. We were very ready to head to the coast to beat the heat.
We ended up at Anchor bay which is just past Gualala. Our campsite was at the edge of a sea wall. Very cool site as one of the beds of the trailer ended up hanging over the edge looking right into the ocean. It was a truly awesome view. Setup was fast so Erin, Grifter, and I headed to the beach.

Our sweet campsite.

Erin taking in the day.

The view from the trailer.

Grifter was a madman playing in the ocean. I have never seen him so excited. I was throwing some driftwood for him right into the waves and he would head out and grab it, run full speed at me and drop it at my feet. Then start running full speed in anticipation of where the stick was going to land. After a good while playing I could tell he was getting tired and cold, so back to the campsite we headed.
Erin of course thoroughly thought out our meals and had everything planned. She had all my favorite camping snacks and made a couple of yummy dinners and a great breakfast (minus tortillas or toast!).
Lloyd caught up on some crossword puzzles and even took Grif for a walk. I went for a few hikes, found some cool wildflowers, a waterfall, and a snake. Erin read a baby book by Jenny McCarthy and got whooped by me in Yahtzee. In all a great weekend, great first trip in the trailer, and an ideal get away from the heat.

Grandpa Lloyd and Grif.

First evening at camp, beautiful fog free skies.

Spooky fire.

Sunrise first morning at camp.

Holy rock.

Wet bee I found walking on the beach.

Monkey flower.

Snake I found while hiking in the hills.

Erin and wiener dog Grif.

Cool wildflowers that were all over the hillside right next to our campsite.

More pictures on my Flickr.


4 thoughts on “Anchor Bay

  1. Hi David, Erin, & Grifter!Love checking the blog and as always, David your photographs are AMAZING!!!! and I am glad to be able to “check in” on my Cali family!Shely

  2. Hey Guys,That looks like a killer place to camp! I wish Erika and i could have join you guys it would have been super fun. Glad you got to get out and try out the new gear.Rich

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