Hiddenbrooke Golf Tourney

Last week my cousin Vicki called and wanted to know if we could make it out to play Hiddenbrooke in Vallejo with her golf club. I immediately said yes. She was getting an amazing deal on the greens fee and we could not pass it up. Plus I have never golfed with Vicki and was very much looking forward to it.

Just before tee time, Second Cousin Nick, Cousin Vicki, Erin, and some guy.

Our friends Chris and Jeff both joined Erin and I for what turned out to be a very fun day. The weather was great not too hot and not too windy. Hiddenbrooke is a difficult course for me so I was not setting out to break any records. We all just took it easy and had a great time regardless of how many balls we ended up losing!

Just before teeing off on the first hole we got a visit from this guy.

Chris, myself, and Jeff waiting to tee off.

Jeff getting ready to put it in the middle of the green.

The snake that was chasing Chris off the green of the first par five.

I cannot remember which hole this is but Erin thought it was a pretty view so she snapped this shot.

Thank you very much Vicki for the invite, both Erin and I are looking forward to hooking up in the very near future to play again. This time we will have to come over to your neck of the woods!

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