Memorial Day 2008

Today Papa and Yaya had a BBQ for everyone for Memorial Day. I think Yaya got a deal on hotdog and hamburger buns and wanted to make good use of them. We had a great time.
The boys had a fun time playing tether ball with Papa and chasing bubbles. I had a great time playing with the new camera and hanging out with our family.

Kaleb being cute for the camera.

Jake and Papa playing tether ball (Notice Papa still has his Smirnoff Ice in his hands, that is talent!).

Papa kicking back.

Kaleb putting the finishing touches on a hotdog.

A bunch of Dorks.

Foxglove (Papa loves his Foxglove, he has planted it everywhere in the yard!).

One thought on “Memorial Day 2008

  1. Great Camera!! keep your eye open for pink flowers would love some pictures to hang in my room Roses and Daiseys especially gerber daiseys are my favoritre. Would love to get them blown up and make a collage of different pink flowers or just things that are pink including sunsets…Bobbie

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