Two weeks ago we had some great news. Erin’s dad Lloyd really wanted to go to Disneyland before all the schools were out. So Erin threw together a trip including our airline tickets, Disneyland hotel package, and rental car and a week later we were off!
Anyone who really knows me, knows my love of Disneyland food. From Chieftain Chicken Skewers to Corndogs from the Corndog Castle, I love Disneyland food. I could not wait to get there. The idea of my fingers being sticky with polynesian BBQ sauce was almost too much to handle.


View from the plane.


How pretty, I think my baby is making her glow.

We stayed at what is now the Paradise Pier but used to be the Pan Pacific. We have stayed here before and since the complete overhaul of Disneyland, California Adventure, and the addition of Downtown Disney, it is now in a very good location. We were only a short walk away from the monorail or the front gates.
We got in Wednesday and were starving. Erin ordered us up some room service and we prepared for the coming day of food euphoria.


Erin getting ready to order my super good room service hamburger.

Our first day in the park Lloyd and I tried to ride as many of the big rides as possible. Erin was excluded because she is carrying my spawn in her belly. We got almost all the big rides in. Whether by just waiting in line the old fashioned way or by using the fast pass system. We had a bit of luck also just as I was putting the finishing touches on some chicken sticks. A Disneyland cast member came up and gave us a special pass for the Billy Hill and the Hillbillies show at the Golden Horseshoe. It entitled us to front row seating. It was actually a great show. Four guys playing guitars, stand up bass, mandolin, and fiddles. Real bluegrass, what could be betted!


Shot from the hotel.


Nemo submarine ride, Mar Mar Mar Mar.


Star Tours.


Erin Loves me this much.


Cat statue outside the Haunted Mansion.


Erin and her Dad waiting for me to stop talking about chicken sticks.

Later in the evening Lloyd treated us to Steakhouse 55 (Used to be Granville’s) at the Disneyland hotel. Dinner was great and we had a good time reminiscing about how the Disneyland hotel used to be.
Second day in the park all three of us were dragging a bit. We woke up late and headed to the park by 9 am. We sauntered around both parks but did not ride as many rides. I got to take my mid day nap (Erin says I am an old man because of this!) and we headed out again. We caught the firework show over Cinderella’s Castle and then headed to Downtown Disney. Our longtime friend Mario just happens to live close by so he scuttled over and met up with us. We got some yummy fried mozzarella and really good coffee from the Naples restaurant in Downtown Disney. After finally finding out the Madonna secret and catching up with Mario, Erin and I headed back to the hotel to prepare for an extra early morning.


Erin in front of Grizzly Falls.


Apprentice Mickey telling me to go the other way because the Montsers Inc ride sucks.


Small falls right at the bottom of the Tarzan treehouse (Shot with a slow shutter to blend the water.).


Hippo getting ready to eat me just before getting shot by the boat pilot.


How fitting, our babies first shirt.


Disney firework display.


More fireworks.


Aaaaannnnnnd more fireworks.

Last day in the park we met up with one of my best friends, Dusty, at 7 am. We were up and ready at just after 6 am! We were able to ride everything we wanted before the park opened to the remainder of the public. Erin was OK’d by me to ride the kid rides (Sorry no Tower of Terror this time) and Dusty and I rode pretty much everything else. Our trip on Splash Mountain was one to remember. I was worried I was going to get soaked, as this is typically the case. Plus I was carrying my new camera and did not want to annihilate it after owning it for only a couple of weeks. We made it through the whole ride right up to the big drop, I was barely wet. Down the big drop, I do not get wet. Then as we hit the trough at the bottom of the hill, it was like someone dumped buckets of water down on us. We all got soaked! I could not believe it.


Erin’s attempt at becoming the Queen of Camelot.


Dusty’s attempt at becoming the King of Camelot.


Lloyd’s attempt at becoming the King of Camelot.


And last but not least my try and the result? We all failed, what a bunch of losers!


Disney does not condone the act of dancing on any rides.


Lloyd kicking back on the Frontierland Express.


What a sucker!


The Cheeto plant.

After finishing up the remainder of the day with dinner at the Story Teller Cafe we went back to the Monorail to try and finally ride it. The first couple of tries did not go so well. Both times we would get close to the fron of the line just to be told the roide was not working. Well unfortunately we never got to ride as it happened again. Got to the front and bam, ride is broken. Erin was bummed. But not quite as bummed as Lloyd not getting his mega sized piece of Chocolate cake from the Golden Horseshoe!
We had a great time and none of it would not of been possible without Erin’s dad. Thank you so much Lloyd for the fun time, we cannot wait to go back once the baby is big enough!

Of course there are a ton more photos and a slideshow just click me!


3 thoughts on “Disneyland!

  1. Thank you for the compliments! I really want to take that class this summer. Just got to get off my butt.Erin found the shirt and we had to buy it. I want to head up to Archer Taylor to take some photos. Let me know when!

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