Hiking with Grif

Last week Grif and I went for a little hike up in Timberhill Park over in Browns Valley. It is a nice location, one of those spots I do not think a lot of people know about. Usually on our hikes we do not run into anyone. So it is a great opportunity to walk Grif off leash and make him follow my commands. Plus I just love being with my dog.
The hike was great, a little hot, but we had a good time. Saw some wildlife and took over 300 photos. Of which I got maybe 10 decent looking ones! Aside from a tick in his ear and a foxtail in his eye I think Grif had a great time.

Click me to see the rest of the photos!

Napa Panorama

Panorama of Napa with Mt. Diablo in background.

Take the picture already!

On our hike down we spotted some Turkey Vultures and I did my best to capture them in flight.

Just after takeoff soaring with the wind.


Ithuriel’s Spear, Lily family.


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