It’s a ………………………………


After what has seemed to be an eternity we finally know what the sex is. I am amazed and in shock and November can not get here soon enough. I am ready to be a Dad.

Our little girl.

12 thoughts on “It’s a ………………………………

  1. May I throw Elizabeth into the ring as a great name for her?? I am so happy for you both! However I did tell you months ago that she was a little girl!!YIPPPEEEEEE!!!Sister

  2. I am sooooo thrilled! Yes, Elizabeth should be part of the name…maybe as a middle name??!!”Our baby girl” has such a nice ring to it coming from the two of you. 🙂

  3. Nice job fucko! There is no other names out there that can compare to: Kodiak!Its a great girls names guys! COme on since i couldnt name Ari Kodiak you guys need to name your sweet little girl: Kodiak!Congrats guys i am so happy for you!Rich

  4. YEAH!!!!! Baby names…hmmm…it will have to unique coming from you two, my suggestions, I would have to have a maternal instinct to even conjure one up! Congrats and I am so excited for your happy little family!Shelly

  5. Names its going to be tough, here are a few that I thought of off the top of my head… Allison, Amanda means worthy of love,IsabellHailey,Riley,Catlin,Alexa,Mackenzie Maci, Sofia,Julia,Charlet,Carly don’t know if this helps what ever her name is she’s going to be beautiful and healthy…….Love Bobbie

  6. O.K. its obvious you guys arent going for Kodiak, so let me pull out the secret weapon of Baby names! This name will be as common as Jane for girls in about 10-years, but you guys can be the first! YAMAMOTO!!! It just rings! Yamamoto Prosser!!! Man i sometimes surprise myself with my awesome ideas!!!Rich

  7. That is sheer awesomeness! But would it be Yamamoto like the Starblazers battleship or Yamamoto like the Japanese Fleet Admiral from WWII? Either way I like it but fear it will fall to the same fate as Kodiak!

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