Sugar Pine

This week Erin and I escaped to Auburn to camp at Sugar Pine reservoir. Probably not the best week (Because all of California is on fire at the moment) but we had made the plans some time ago and the space was already reserved.

Sugar Pine reservoir with fire looming just behind.

First day at dusk. Got some decent photos before the smoke really settled the next day.

Second day smoke got worse but made for some really interesting sunsets and sunrises.

Wide reflection.

Watery reflection.

Sugar Pine is one of my favorite spots to camp. There is just so much to do if you like being outdoors. Swim, hike, bike, ride your motorcycle on or off road, and just relax. I bring allot of gear so I can do as much as possible. This year I got to ride my motorcycle both on and off road as I have recently purchased an enduro style bike that allows me the freedom to do both. What a great feeling to ride out of camp on the road right to the trails. It is a truly amazing feeling that many would not understand.
Erin and I had a great time as usual. I did not row her around the lake like last time but I did swim us both from one side to the other using our tubes. I also attempted to swim to the other side until I got pretty freaked out when I got about 3/4 of the way across and it got really dark because it was so deep. I had to stop and turn around. Actually ended up swimming back on my back, that is how bad I lost it.
Grifter also earned his water wings this trip. Mark’s sisters Carol, Jane, and I all went on an early morning hike around the lake with the dogs. Jane brought her youngest pup Millie. She is a cutee and Grif’s girlfriend. When we reached the other side of the lake we let them off leash to play in the water. Now Grif has never really swam before. He will get in the water and play but I have only witnessed him swim for about 15 seconds prior to this day. He did not swim on our first stop but a little later in the day Grif braved the lake and swam out to me a bunch of times. I was so proud. The next day he swam all by himself as Erin watched as if to say “I can do it!”

Grifter and Millie playing chase. I think Millie is like a sports car and Grif is like a truck. He just can’t turn like Millie.

Millie pooped out after getting chased by Grifter.

This year was a smaller group, Margie, Mark, Carol, Jane, Erin, and myself. Another of Mark’s sisters made it for a day but the smoke from all the fires was really bad the day she came up so she left a day earlier than planned. We did enjoy many good camping dinners, breakfasts, and memorable moments though that made the trip well worth it. To see the remainder of the photos that I have finished up just click this paragraph to be whisked away to a slideshow on our Flickr page. Enjoy!

North fork of the American River just outside Colfax.

My bike. I rode over a hundred miles through twisties and sweet offroad trails.

Iowa Hill, just five miles outside Sugar Pine. If you are ever up there I highly recommend stopping in the general store if you like history.


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