Erin and I have been busy the last couple of weeks. Concerts, Golf, Holiday, and of course thinking of when the baby gets here. What are we doing in the baby’s room, ladybugs or polka dots? What colors are appropriate? Should the baby have a pink teddy bear with bloody claws and blood all over its face? You know important stuff.
Two Fridays ago we were fortunate to have been gifted tickets to Love Janis by our neighbor Sandy. It was a really amazing show. Great music and you really get to learn who Janis Joplin really was. The entirety of the show were all actual letters that she wrote home and interviews she had done. The singer portraying Janis, Mary Bridgett Davies, is an amazing blues singer. Spot on voice, she really blew it out of the water. She is actually touring right now with Big Brother and the Holding Company. Thank you again Sandy!
On this Friday we traveled to Calistoga with Cari, Jake, Chris, and Jeff. I love hanging out with Jake. He is one of the brightest stars in my life. We had a great time, Taking pictures of Mustangs and Novas. This was our first time at the parade and we had a blast!

Cute Dalmatian.

Ha Ha you didn’t get cherry!

Bunch of suckas.

Aunty Erin and Bojakamo.


Snake charmer.

Click me to see the remainder of our 4th of July photos. I will be posting more as I edit them.

Saturday we played golf with Chris and Jeff in San Leandro at Monarch Bay. Beautiful links style golf course on the bay. Not so beautiful ball gobbling grass. I am amazed at how much energy Erin still has. She played all but one hole. Our baby is going to be invincible!

Terrific follow through!

Again beautiful follow through!

Perfect day to be outside.

Whose purse do I need to hold?

The baby is really starting to move about. During the concert she was all over the place Erin said. Just the other night Erin started feeling her kick on the outside. She put my had close but by the time I was there she had settled down. The wait over the next three months is going to kill me!

“What lies behind us and what lies before us are tiny matters compared to what lies within us.”


3 thoughts on “Recently

  1. I can’t wait for the baby to really start kicking, it will blow your mind. There is a chance that you may feel that the baby is ready and you want to cut Erins skin to pull the baby out. Do not try this it dosent work AT ALL! Just be patient and wait for the timer to go off!Rich

  2. Where is the timer? I looked in her butt already and found nothing?Erin says the baby is kicking like crazy. Keeps putting my hand to her belly but for some reason I cannot feel anything. I think it may have to do with my monkey paws.

  3. The timer is in the Vagine! Hard to find but when it goes off it punctures a water baloon when it goes off! No its not your monkey paws either, i went throught the same stuff with Ari and Vida and then about 2-3 weeks later it was scarey how much they where kicking!!Rich

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