Phallus Hadriani

So we are doing some work on the shed and I notice this nasty thing poking up from underneath. I run and grab my camera and snap a few photos. Then examine it a bit closer. This thing stinks!
Turns out it is called a Stinkhorn. This variety is the Phallus Hadriani. Apparently named by a French Mycologiocal pioneer with a sense of humor. They start out as an egg and spring to life overnight, sometimes they grow as big as 10″ in a couple of hours.
When I first saw them I thought they were some remains of an animal Grif got a hold of. Thank goodness it was just a mushroom!

5 thoughts on “Phallus Hadriani

  1. It was some clown spamming the blog. Something about pay down your loans with a web link.Oh I saved the other egg that did not sprout yet. I guess they are edible. So you get to eat it this weekend.

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