Where to begin?

Man o man have we been busy. Really busy. Not the typical what everyone says is busy busy. But really busy. It has been a whirlwind since August and I apologize for not returning phone calls, e-mails, etc. Updating the blog, e-mailing, and general computer dorkery just have not taken precedence to everything else.
Going back to August a ton has happened. I had a birthday, Erin and I both won a few ribbons in the local Fair, we finished the office/shed, we finished the baby’s room, and I slept. September brought me to Vegas for a tradeshow that I had been preparing for over the last four or five months and Erin’s baby shower. Now the countdown has begun for the next installment in our lives. The arrival of our baby girl.
I could write a ton but I will just post some photos from the last couple of months.
Thank you a ton to Chris for being such a great friend to us, throwing Erin a beautiful baby shower, and providing me with a veritable butt load of krispy treats and other goodies for my road trip. Thank you Rich for being there for me another year at the show, this is huge to me as I do not know if I honestly trust anyone else enough to get the job done the way you do. This year we did awesome and amazingly it went smoother with just the two of us.
I am going to post a few more things over the this weekend. Just wanted to actually get an update in before the end of the year!

Jake goofing around at my b-day at Kennedy Park.

Erin at her Shower.

Beth and Erin in front of Angele.

Dad showing me how much money he wants to give me.

Mom and Dad in front of Angele.

Sara, Trina, and Margie in front of Angele.

Chris and Erin just before we headed off for shaved ice!

Kaleb having fun during Jake’s b-day party.

Kenny and Jake at Jake’s b-day.


3 thoughts on “Where to begin?

  1. Hey Dave! Love the photos! Have already stolen Kalebs for my desktop. It is my new favorite! You have a great gift! I am glad I have you around to take great pictures (or at least remember to bring a camera, and when you do, actually take it out and use it).Thanks for being there! Can’t wait to see the wonderful pictures you’ll take of Baby Kimono, Keira, Kristina, Kelly, Kikoman, Kandy, Katie (my fav), pretty pleeeeease tell me?! 🙂

  2. Finally you lazy bastard! Thanks again for letting me tag along and have a good time in Vegas!! Nice pics!! By the way have your ears stopped ringing? I can’t wait for your guy’s baby girl to enter this world. Hey do you think it would be inappropriate to do belly shots off of her to bring her into this world? Just asking? Oh yeah and i have had a phrase stuck in my head all weekend, “I’m kinda a big deal”! CheersRich

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